We SO have another t-shirt up for you to enjoy - Nerds Unite! Get it now from our webpage or find us at one of our upcoming conventions - Anime Iowa, Wizard World Chicago Comic Con, or Geek.kon!


We will be at Geek.kon this weekend, so, we look forward to seeing everyone there. Let us know that you stopped by our site so we can thank you:) Do you want to see more of our art? Then check out the Anime Milwaukee webpage!


Guess what? Our newest t-shirt, Doctors Agree, is up for sale in the store! We want to say thanks to everyone that came and visited us at Chicago Comic Con. We had a bunch of fun and hope that you did too:) Don’t worry if you missed us though. We’ll be out and about and itching to see you!


So, now that our new shirt and comic are up, we encourage you to look at them in our store section, not to mention that you can get them directly from us at: Anime Iowa 2011, Chicago Comic Con 2011, Geek.kon 2011, Kollision Con 2011, Anime Crossroads 2011, and Anime Milwaukee 2012!

Calling all teachers and librarians! Come visit our table at the Performer’s Showcase on August 31st. Find out more information at http://www.centreeast.org/showcase.cfm!


We are pleased to announce a new t-shirt coming your way as well as a new comic! Our new t-shirt “Gurren Lager” is viewable in our store in the t-shirt section. Wow-whee! Happy Day! Be sure to stop by our gallery section for some new images too. We’re looking forward to seeing you all soon at ACen!

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